Oct 22, 2014

It's My Fall Porch... Lately

I actually have a fun porch to decorate for different seasons but I haven't taken advantage of that... lately.
All I could muster up this year was this spool table, one pumpkin and some dry hydrangeas.
Some of my neighbors have gorgeous mums adorning their porch stairs. I just pulled out a candle, an old pot, my thankful pumpkin, some sweet mini pine cones and tiny faux pumpkins.
So far the ficus tree has been holding on out here with the lower temperatures. They are finicky trees....I am looking for a good, moist and sunny spot for them (I have two) inside for the winter.
Notice that I have changed the doors all back to original color? No, I don't think it is more charming this way...I am just getting ready to return this place back to it's original state, just in case we move (there is always a long, complicated story there......).
Last year I picked up this wreath on clearance at Target. Some of the bay leaves had fallen off so I filled the whole wreath in with faux twigs.
I wish I had more to share....this year I have been taking it easy with decorating and creating. I should get busy! 
Actually, I am busy making things. I just rented a space to sell my creations in a new store in town. I will fill you in on that another day.  I also took a job decorating a house of a friend close by. More on that another time, too, It's exciting!
Well, happy fall decorating and have a super fun weekend!

Oct 21, 2014

Modern-Rustic Family Room

Our family room gets rearranged more than any other room in the house. The carpet isn't in great shape so I covered the center of it with an inexpensive black and white stripe rug. (from TJ Maxx for $49)

Oct 19, 2014

Welcome a Spool Table to the Deck

Fall is the best time of year to use our deck. The leaves are changing, it's cool enough to light a fire and our days are just short enough so we can enjoy darkness before it's too late.

Oct 15, 2014

Barn Sale Sign

I haven't made a word sign in a while but I made this one the other day with a generic stencil, freehand and by tracing numbers printed from my Cricut.

Oct 2, 2014

Hydrangeas in a Glass Canister

I actually cleaned my kitchen last night before we all went to bed so when I walked down the stairs this morning the breakfast nook looked so pretty with flowers in the center of our rustic table.

Sep 21, 2014

Distress Pine Wood with an X-acto Knife

In THIS post I showed you how to easily frame in art that may be too small for your wall. I am showing a simple way to distress your frame or any wood project with an X-acto blade and stain here.

Sep 5, 2014

Make Your Art Stand Out - {tutorial}

This project was pretty simple to do. I am excited to show you how you can make small or drab art really POP on your wall.

Aug 22, 2014

Make a Chunky Bathroom Mirror Frame (no miter cuts)

I hope you all had an amazing summer. My family and I sure had fun. We went to the Outer Banks, NC and Utah for our vacations.

 We also had our picture taken with my whole family.....
I know you can't see everybody very well  but these are ALL of my brothers, sisters, their spouses and all of our children with my parents. What a lucky day that was. It's been so many years since we have all been together.
While we had our friend/photographer (klick photo) there at the park, I made him snap a shot of my little family, too. Aren't my boys  sweet?....(proud mom)
Being "unplugged" all summer was a nice break but I sure miss blogging and keeping up to date with my blog friends. It's great to be back!

Today I am going to share one of the few projects I made this summer....

May 26, 2014

Happy Summer 2014!

 Hey all! I have missed you in my short break! I took my blog status to private for a week or so to clean up some past posts and to re-think my purpose of blogging. Writing posts about home projects is way fun for me but through the few years of keeping up my site, I was beginning to feel an obligation to feature and write about what ever I was doing, even if I had to ignore my kids for an evening to do so (Mom guilt). 

My boys are growing up fast and I know this time in my life is so precious and short. I have decided to take a little step back from my blog and give more time to my family.
I've had several requests from readers to still be able to read past posts so I decided to keep it up and public but just post when it is convenient.

I get panic-ee about my kids growing up and fear looking back and think that I didn't absorb every moment of their childhood. My husband works hard to support our family and gives me the opportunity to be a full time mom...I'd be so crazy to take that for granted.

I hope you will all still visit here and there and I will keep in touch. We have plans this summer....another new baby cousin coming and plenty to celebrate. I balance home projects and blogging much better when the kids go back to school.

I hope you all enjoy your own summer with friends and family.

Enjoy every minute!

May 13, 2014

Fix an Ugly Tile Backsplash

Ugly is a relative term, I realize that, but if you have a tile backsplash that needs an update or could use some "help" I am sharing an easy way to cover it with a little money and a "POW" result.

May 11, 2014

Happy Mother's Day

One year I flew to Utah and surprised my Mom on Mother's Day morning with a bouquet of roses. Every Mother's Day I wish I could fly 2000 miles to surprise her again.

Now I am a Mom myself.

Happy Day to all you Moms out there!

I love you Mom!

May 10, 2014

Get More From My Blog & Beige

I had some big plans to make over our beige family room this week. Once I cleared the whole space and got working on it, I was interrupted and my energy to finish was deflated.

May 5, 2014

Add Painted Letters to an Old Window

Our mantel has an enormous hole above it to fit an old fashioned TV. I covered it up with a large window that you may view in this post. Recently my beautiful horse canvas has been featured there in front of the window but I felt like doing something to the window itself.

May 4, 2014

Window Decor with a Ball Jar & Ivy

A few weeks ago I put this little ivy plant in a hanging ball jar. One of our living room windows has a small hook in the top of the window frame. I wasn't expecting the plant to do well but she loves it here.

Apr 28, 2014

Use Natural and Reclaimed Items to Make a Bench

This might be one of the funkiest pieces of furniture I have ever made. After our Tag Sale a few weeks ago, I took some of the items that didn't sell and used them to make this outdoor seat.

Apr 27, 2014

Indoor Accents on the Outdoor Porch

My family and I live in a house that has a covered outdoor front porch. I absolutely love having an outdoor space that is covered from rain or snow. I was anxious to get some pretty southern style rocking chairs out there when we first moved in.
The chairs sit in front of our living room windows. I chose red and white pillows for an accent color this year. They go with the bright red front door.

Apr 25, 2014

Fill Bare Flower Beds with an Upcycled Potting Bench

I once started a perennial garden from seed (here). It took a few years for the foliage to fill in nice and full but during the first seasons, when it was a little sparse, I used pots and furniture to "fill in the blanks".

Apr 23, 2014

Junky Tables and a Baby

Hello! :)
My boys and I just got home from an exciting spring break vacation. I will tell more about that in a minute but first I will share some photos of how I used a crate as a 'chair table'...

Apr 14, 2014

Spring Furniture Switch in the Bedroom

We have a huge window in the center of our bedroom. When we first moved in I placed our bed up against it. It does make the most of our space and looks very even this way. Our pillows were always falling into the blinds though, so I had moved it to the far wall.
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