Nov 22, 2017

Lightly Staging a Charming Ranch House

Thanksgiving is tomorrow...I can't even believe it. 

I am sad not to be spending the holiday with our families. But I have to admit that I am so excited to do all the cooking. I love making the whole traditional Thanksgiving dinner with Marc and the boys. It's back to the four of us and our own family traditions now that we are here in Virginia.

The last couple of weeks just flew by. I have been super busy, and not really on don't need any details and besides this post is to feature a house that I staged for my Realtor friend. 

The picture above is of the foyer.
To be fair, the before pics are taken from a phone during the time a painter was finishing up his job.
This house is sweet. The yard is flat and landscaped beautifully. The floor plan has great flow.

Step inside and here is what greets you.
Why the 9 and 12 in frames on the wall? I needed something neutral in these empty frames so I printed out the house numbers. It's simple enough.

My Realtor friend, Annette, and I were talking on the phone the night before we staged this home and I was telling her about my desire to do more staging and design work as I have done in the past but still keep my retail space at The Lazy Daisy.  She said - "I can't believe you just said that" the next morning I did my first project for her.

A very short notice job but I think we added a few touches to help buyers visualize their own furniture here.
This is the dining room which combines with a living room and is open to the foyer.
I took in a small dining table and bench.

I didn't have a lot of pieces to put in here but the few things that are placed give the potential buyers an idea for how big the room is and notice the pretty wood floors!
I see so much potential in this space.
The family room has a white painted fireplace.
I thought this room called for a rustic element with the wood paneled walls so the square moose art with a grey frame was fresh and fit well on the mantel.
This room opens to this cool little nook off the back of the house - check it out.
It could be a home office or a play room.
A little furniture here makes it look cozy with the soft light of the lamp.

Then the kitchen...
The little breakfast area didn't need much but since that window looks out to the backyard the "bistro set" draws you back there to take a peek out that big window to view the beautiful landscape.
Since I had to fit everything in a mini van last minute to do this job - I didn't bring in full sized furniture, beds etc. but take a look at the master suite.
It's a big room.
The owner didn't want to take the wall paper down but it's so clean. I just put a wood rocker with a large old window back drop and a lamp stand.

In the following photo you see this open-to-the-bedroom-vanity which is a little old school but I like it.

The mirror is propped there with a hand towel and soap dispensers.
Lightly staged but left fresh enough to spark some imagination for potential buyers is what I think we accomplished.
One of the secondary bedrooms just got a little suit form with a scarf.

The bathroom...
Annette put up a white shower curtain and some fresh white towels.

I was happy with the way it looked when we all left the house but I also know that I will need more decor for next time. There were so many things I could imagine doing to these rooms but I think we set up the important spaces just enough.

When the seller saw the pictures of her late mother's home she cried. Happy tears are the best pay off of all.

If you are looking for a home in the Richmond Virginia area or want to see more of this house check out the listing link HERE.

What's happening on the home front with my family?

This is a picture from last week that I meant to post before now. Just footings.

However, last night Marc and I went down to the lot and the foundation is now almost done. The site is a hot mess with loose bricks and concrete all about. 

Since it gets dark at nearly 4:30 pm - it wasn't a great time to take a picture for ya.
Ms. Mazi is always a good sport to help make ugly pictures just a little cuter.

I was supposed to pick my kitchen cabinets and counters today but with the holiday, people take the week off and it didn't work out. I am OK with that though. Still deciding....

(if you want to catch up on the House 4 build CLICK HERE)

Maybe next week I will have a better update on the house - at this point, I'm just trying to swallow all the extra charges that keep coming our way $$$. Marc hates building. I like it but after the walls go up it will be much more fun.

Have a super Happy Thanksgiving and if you need a delicious last minute treat to share this weekend:
Click Here  to the Recipe for this sticky, crunchy, yummy slice of heaven.

Until next time!

Nov 10, 2017

Choosing Light Fixtures

This week has been one of those that every day has been packed full. Now that it's Friday, I am glad we are done with it.

On Monday I chose plumbing (future post) and Tuesday I chose lighting for our house-to-be (link).
Here's a little run down...

I tried to keep within our budget but that was hardly possible and we knew that going into contract so we bumped the allowance up a bit for that. So even though I feel like I didn't pick anything super fancy, the scale of each fixture should be right for the spaces they are in...I hope!
Going into the appointment I knew I wanted a hanging lantern on the porch, a pretty classic black chandelier in the breakfast nook and all of them dark in color to go with the colonial look of our house (basically, to look like fixtures that could hold candles without electricity). The appointment went well and I was glad to have done my homework before hand.

There are so many styles to choose from!

I say I and we because Marc has given me wings to fly alone with the rest of the house choices. Isn't he sweet?
The pictures I am showing you are from touring other homes. They should keep you entertained while I blab about lights. However, the following photo I made at

How did I begin to choose?

I started with the porch visualizing it like I am coming up to the house and walking through it room by room.

My first choice was a large exterior lantern with an X shape on four sides. The entrance is always a good place to begin.

Stepping inside that X shape replays on the wall sconces in the foyer and in the over head light in the study. That room is Marc's office and will have doors that close.
I like the feel of ceiling fans, even though they can be a little "expected" or to some people "ugly". I put one in the guest room because it's a south facing room that will get plenty of sun. Fans work great to cool things off when it's humid and hot.

That same fixture is in the loft and bedrooms on the second floor. It was affordable and I like the continuity.

The family room has a coffered design on the ceiling so recessed lights go there. The floor plan is open and more hanging lights might make it feel complicated.
The foyer has an open area in front of the guest room. I decided on putting a hanging chandelier there instead of at the entrance because of the hanging porch lantern. The front doors have a lot of glass and I don't think two hanging fixtures so close together would look good. Besides, I love the soft light that wall sconces give at a different level.

If you notice the foyer ceiling fixture starts to round out in style but carries the X shape up to that point for consistency.
Keep walking - the lanterns above the island are black open candelabras with a rounded top. The dining room is special in that it is a more modern style Orb. I like the circular shape to go with our barrel vault ceiling on the porch, otherwise the house is pretty square. A little surprise with this one is it's black and brass. Whoa?! I'm getting fancy on ya.


Not to over explain my choices but can you sort of see how I tried to coordinate everything but not match anything? The fixtures are all different brands and not all the same finish but are all dark in tone.
I couldn't see the exact picture for the master bath choices on line to show you but it's a simple chandelier and a three-light-fixture above each sink.

The master bedroom has a drum shade over a black chandelier.
This picture was a tired attempt at creating the second floor diagram.

The recessed lights aren't marked on the plan but we do that later with an electrician.

You get the idea!
Let's just look at what all the designers put in the homes for tour.
Ooh and ahh for a minute and then let's get on with our weekend.

OK - so that is that! I feel like I wrote light 600 times in one post.

Thanks for stopping by!

Have an amazing weekend!

Nov 5, 2017

Feeling at Home

Sundays are my favorite. My boys and I (that includes my husband, Marc, and our twin boys) spend a lot of down time together on this day.

Nov 2, 2017

Living Down to Earth and Our Appliance Selection

My boys and I are the type of people that stay home on holidays and hit popular vacation spots off season just to avoid the crowd. Since Sunday was gloomy and rainy we found our opportunity to tour these Massey Street of Hope houses with a little less foot traffic to compete with (link).

Oct 28, 2017

My Kitchen Crush

Photo by Don Ziebell 
Browsing around the internet for kitchen inspiration can be overwhelming. There are so many beautiful kitchens that I can see myself loving to make dinner in.

Oct 23, 2017

Wood Floor Color Choice

My wood flooring appointment took maybe 10 minutes max. I had an idea what I was looking for....brown. Just brown.

Oct 22, 2017

Carytown Inspiration for Home & Life

Hello All!

I took my son to the city this morning, by his request. We live near Richmond, VA and one of our favorite streets to stroll here is Cary Street.

Oct 20, 2017

Tulip Hill Lot Walk

Hello blog friends!

The building process is moving right along. This week we picked our exterior colors (link) and did our lot walk with the builder.

Oct 12, 2017

Staging a Retail Space

Hello Friends!

You all know I have a shop space in Virginia. This is my happy place where I can fluff, stack and do things to stage furniture and accessories that normally wouldn't be displayed the same at home.

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